Attention: All Copywriters and Business Owners who want to write profit-producing sales copy “without ANY hype”…
“You’re About to Discover the Unique
Techniques of Deep Connection,Trust-
Building Empathy and Graceful Persuasion
Vital to Today’s High-Converting Sales Copy
So You… Attract Only Quality Business,
Command Higher Fees and Live Your
Dream Writer’s Life!” 
What some of Steve’s recent students say…
Pauline Longdon
“New Copywriter”
James Hepburn
“Facebook Ad Agency”
Mark Mehling
“International Marketer”
From the Desk of: Steve Plummer, Master Copywriter, Speaker, Copywriting Coach

Re: Making money from your writing 

Hello fellow writer,

Let me get straight to the point…
Do you live your “dream” writer’s life?
You know what I mean…

Attract only quality clients?

Work the hours you want?

Make the money you deserve?

Or do you feel there’s a piece missing?

A secret or link to where you want to be which you haven’t discovered yet?

If you’re searching for new skills to take your writing to the next level…

Would you like to discover how the world’s elite, A-List copywriters (who number fewer than 50) get the job done?

You see, for a select few go-getter writers at a time, I’m prepared – with the help of “the Canadian Guy” – to go against the wishes of some of my A-List colleagues and show you…
The unique techniques like
better emotionally connect with 
the market so you
 increase your conversion rate and
find yourself in HIGH DEMAND.
Hi, my name is Steve Plummer I’m a copywriter and copywriting coach.

I’ve been where you are.

But now I’m signed to a 6-figure retainer with Australia’s #1 Direct Response Marketer.

Please understand – it wasn’t always like this.

I was a struggling writer.

NOW –- I’m 100% on your side and prepared to share my success secrets with you.


If you want to take your copywriting results to the next level…

l ask you to set aside all distractions and… read this letter very carefully. 

It could be the most important decision you make in your writing career.

If it’s ok with you, right now I want to ask a blunt professional question…
How Do You Feel About Your Copy?
- Does it lack dimension or seem “flat”?

- Do you struggle with “showing up different” to other copywriters?

- Are you confident enough in what you do to successfully market yourself so you convert inquiries into paying clients?

Reason I ask is I get many requests for help, advice and strategy from copywriters at all stages of their careers.

Their most common question is a variation of…
“How Can I Improve My Skills and
Fast Track My Career Success?”
Allow me to share this important point…

Like many writers I didn’t start out writing for a living (more on this in a moment).

Because my previous career as a high school teacher came with the security of tenure, when I started writing copy, with a young family to support, I needed to get good quickly.

How about you?

Want to fast track your results…

Boost your conversion rate…

Attract quality clients…


Bank larger deposits from each job you take on?

I quickly learned there is a “science” to this.

And I’m prepared to show you how it’s done with the launch of…
A coaching program for copywriters who
want to succeed quickly but aren’t prepared
to use hype to do so.
Truly, there is nothing like this out there for writers.
I regularly teach copywriting from the stage to groups of up to 200 entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers in the “Business School” environment.

For colleagues who want help I could have easily packaged several of these sessions into a “home study course”.

As you’re aware there are many of these out there but…
Studying alone only takes you so far!
I made a commitment to myself…
Whatever training I offered fellow writers, it
absolutely had to meet 4 criteria…
  •     It had to be affordable – just a couple of above average copy jobs should cover the fee      (self-funding)
  •     It had to give you ways to shortcut the writing process (saves time)
  •    It had to give you compelling new skills to position you differently from other “commodity copywriters” (easily stand out)
And most importantly… 
It had to align with my teaching philosophy of learning by doing so you really get it and it sticks!
After all — you didn’t become a copywriter to struggle did you?

You want the “dream writer’s life”. Period!

And you can create it if you understand this important point…
A Lot Of Our Potential Clients Are Like You and Me.
They Want to Convert Prospects Into Buyers,
But They Are Tired Of Hype.

Prospects are numb to inflated promises and hype.

It doesn’t seem believable.

When people feel as though they are being sold… their resistance goes up.

We want to lower resistance — not increase it.
Carefully, purposely weaving elements such as Resonance, Deep Connection and Trust-Building Empathy into your copy lowers resistance.
Much of The Copy I See Today is Extremely Formulaic. It Just Doesn’t Hold Reader Attention Like it Once Did.
To me, that’s what creates such a wide-open opportunity for you and I.

Here’s what I mean…

There is a huge gap out there to be filled.

The ability to attract high-paying clients is enormous, if…

You write connecting copy that captivates the prospect and guides them to the sale rather than pushes them into it.

My own writer’s journey holds some clues…

Like I said before, I didn’t start my career as a writer.

I worked in high schools for 20 years… met great people, taught many awesome kids and helped them create success. I rose through the ranks to Head of Faculty and then Deputy Principal.

But it wasn’t enough. That “voice” wanting to get out through the written word just wouldn’t go away.

Maybe you feel this too… 

Anyway my first foray into writing was letters to the editor… fun seeing your name in print, right?

But no money.
I then turned my hand to freelance journalism and experienced success writing travel and sports pieces, mainly boxing of all things.

I still have a notepad with specks of blood on it from when I sat ringside covering a fight card at the Greek Club in Brisbane. (Yes, yuck!!)  

One of my favourites is a story I did on a young guy from Tasmania, Daniel Geale.

Before the story appeared he had no stage name… see the story left… now he enters the ring to “The Real Deal Daniel Geale” blaring from the stadium PA.
Ok, a little corny I know but he’s now a world champion so…
I named a world champion!
Now as much as I loved freelance journalism and as much as it satisfied my writer’s bug for a time, there was one major problem… IT DIDN’T PAY VERY WELL!

Perhaps you too feel this same determination to NOT be one of those writers who “suffer for their art”.

So I turned the love for the written word into a copywriting career.

And got good quickly.

Like I said, I’m happy to share the secrets to my rapid success with you.

Because as a writer, you get no better feeling than…
Seeing Your Carefully Crafted Words Help Others Succeed, Making a Huge Difference in the World And… Getting Reeeeeally Well Paid for it!
I remember feeling just that when I wrote a 3 page promo for the national tour of one of the world’s elite eBay educators, clients Matt and Amanda Clarkson.

Here’s a screen capture of their sales page just 10 days after launch…

Everyone knows the hardest job in copywriting is putting bums on seats.

As a fellow writer I’m sure you can relate to this…

We love FEELING the sense of accomplishment…

The deep satisfaction from knowing YOUR words help others make their unique contribution.
You see today I enjoy my dream writer’s life.

I live on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast and love the stunning Glass House Mountains backdrop and world famous surf beaches. It’s a great place for a writer…

While others rush off to their 9-5 rat race, my “work” starts with a coffee in my favourite cafe as I tap away on my laptop and watch the surf roll in. I draw inspiration from the many different moods of the ocean…

Other times I’m in my writing “cave” at home totally lost in the writing process.
Yes, it’s an abundant life – rich with joy and experiences
I OWN every minute of my time.
I CHOOSE what I want to do each day.
I ONLY answer to my wife! :-) :-)
I sincerely do – 100% LOVE what I do.
What about you?

As I said before it wasn’t always like this.

With the help of my early mentors and coaches I created this life.

With the right guidance I’m sure you can too.

I can’t stress this enough…
Because I’m a writer I adapted to writing sales copy quickly. Having a writing background certainly helps.
The other parts of the mix for me (and for you when you discover how) is deep connection and trust-building empathy.

You can’t teach teenagers successfully if you can’t empathise with them… resonate with them… connect with them.

Same when writing copy, right?

And here’s the thing…

I brought those innate skills to my new career.

I’ll show you how to create deep connection and trust-building empathy.

We’ll also explore how to weave in the “lost” art of Graceful Persuasion so you maintain Emotional Momentum in your copy.

This is what takes your copy from average to high converting.

ADD RESONANCE and your response simply skyrockets!

And when you write high converting copy you get noticed.

It came as no surprise to some in the industry when…
I was offered the role as the personal copywriter (massive!) to the man dubbed “Australia’s Millionaire Maker” Mal Emery. Mal is a marketing legend and has probably the largest business coaching service in the southern hemisphere.
One of the things I love about this role (for which I get paid a 6 figure retainer) involves teaching Mal’s 12 staff writers via a 90 minute webinar every week.

It’s fun, builds their skills and provides support and camaraderie for sometimes isolated writers.

Here’s what a couple of seasoned copywriters I’ve coached say…
And it’s these two obvious loves – writing and teaching – plus numerous requests for help from copywriters which led me to re-start an exclusive, multi-dimensional coaching program for writers who want their own big money edge in the market place.

I have created…
The best learning environment to make this possible… challenging exercises, a “layered process” that “installs” the learning so it sticks.
Plus I’ve added a special ‘X-Factor’.

When I first used this with one of Mal’s clients the results were immediate…

Within 10 days of the promotion’s launch the client had taken 102 calls and made $133,000 in sales… in the crowded, ultra-competitive solar market!!

And here’s where the story gets VERY interesting for you…

Quite by chance a marketing colleague who works in the real estate niche invited me to a speaker trainer seminar run by “this Canadian guy” who used to be a talk show host AND COPYWRITER!

Because I speak from the stage I thought this would be useful.

Turned out I was right.

The day’s speaker training with the “Canadian Guy” Shaune Clarke opened my eyes.

The thing is, and this sounds a bit woo woo, but I could really feel his deep understanding and love of marketing.
Graceful. Persuasive. Powerful. 
But without shouting at the audience/prospect…
Was what I felt when I studied Shaune’s speaking material.

So we got to talking…

Long story short – when Shaune was a copywriter he created a training program for copywriters using these same principles…
Wow I thought. THAT is different copywriting training.
I want to learn THAT!
 Only trouble was he’d now put his energy into speaker
training and left the copywriting training on the shelf.
I remember saying…
“Mate, this is career-changing, and writers will especially love it. We don’t like hype. You can’t keep it locked away…”
Shaune replied – “I need someone to bring it to people. You get its power mate – and you’re one of the rare few who can make it even stronger — It needs to be you.”
And then he agreed to train me until I had it mastered.
Besides just loving the learning myself — the best part is it met the four criteria I outlined earlier.
After several months I’m now able offer writers and copywriters the BIG money conversion secrets of the world’s “copywriting elite”
The stuff I’ve only ever seen Shaune
articulate and be able to pass on to others.
We call it… The 7 Figure Writers Copywriting Coaching Program.

Here’s the key…

Mal’s approach is strong and VERY successful. In finding Shaune I found a way to be strong and graceful at the same time.

A perfect combination of my years with Mal and all he teaches combined with a fresh new approach to writing copy.

Your 7 Figure Writers Copywriting Coaching Program combines the best of my in the trenches writing success with the amazing work Shaune has created…

Plus my obvious love for teaching other writers so they grasp concepts and understand FAST.

It’s a…
Rare combination I’m sure you’ll agree!
Here’s what some of our students say…
And this…
You likely don’t realize it now, (I didn’t) but Ed is correct…
You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!
Understanding this is one huge step towards becoming a very successful copywriter.

Once you’re engaged in the program, everything will improve…
  •     How you see the business
  •     How you think about and approach writing
  •     How you think about and approach clients
Not to mention…
  •     How you write copy and the renewed confidence you’ll feel
You Will See Dramatic Improvements Within Weeks.
It’s So Fun For Me To Watch! Even More Fun For You…
To Look Back at… How You Used To Write.
There are so many people today who offer benefit-rich, hypey copy it has become a commodity.

Something you can get anywhere, and something someone will produce very inexpensively.

You can end up competing with people who think nothing of charging a “workman’s rate”.
Not the writer’s life you want.
Not at all.

I really want you to “get it” on your own so, when needed, I’ll push you just a bit. I hope you’ll welcome it… it’s often when the best breakthroughs come!

You just can’t get this with a home study course.
Here’s My Most Critical Piece Of Advice.
Please Don’t Underestimate It!

Make Yourself Appear Distinctly Different
From Other Copywriters!

Don’t Write Commodity Copy
Instead, Define What is “Your Copy”.
This is so important.

Think of yourself as a product.
  •     Why should a client buy your service over anyone else’s?
  •     What makes you uniquely valuable to them?
  •     What is it about you that makes you perfect for “their project?”
It Must Be Obvious That You, And You Alone,
Are THE Person Who Can Best Help Them
Make More Money… Period!
Please don’t fall into the trap of “offering copywriting services”.

If you do, you’re destined to be a brochure copywriter aching for “The Big Break” that never comes.

You must position yourself as having something nobody else has.

Something that clearly shows clients your ability to improve their bottom line.
Want Help Properly Positioning Yourself as a Copywriter? 
It’s exciting to see this evolve during the coaching program.

Everyone gets excited when they realize their own unique positioning as a copywriter and who their target market is.

What will yours be?

Please don’t unconsciously agree…”to be like the rest” because this will NOT give you the dream writer’s life you’ve been searching for.

Ready to find out more?

Here are the details…

The 7 Figure Writers
“Copywriting Coaching Program”
For Writers Who Want to
Fast Track their Career
Please understand… 
This is NOT a Recorded Live Event Re-packaged as a “Home Study” Course…
It’s Intensive Individualised Coaching
Your 12 week copywriting coaching program includes…
  •    49 habit-forming and direct writing exercises (brilliant writing becomes automated)
  •    2 hour small group LIVE coaching calls every week (topics covered below)
  •    You’ll actually write a long copy sales letter during the program and Receive Multiple Critiques
  •    2 unique “7 Figure Writers” manuals (one is 186 pages!)
  •    Stunning bonuses along the way
For example we’ll show you…
The “Outlining System” to Shortcutting the Research and Writing Process (HUGE)
I’ll give you the powerful tool we use to Uncover the story and the key ingredients… Shaune used it in his days as a talk show host. I used it in my days as a freelance journalist. It uncovers hidden desires and helps you get to people’s real emotions.
Real quick.

It’s such a great talent to employ when it comes to writing copy.


Interviewing clients and their customers the RIGHT WAY uncovers incredible material. Material you just can’t get any other way.

Conduct an effective interview and… your copy will virtually write itself!

The proprietary Secret Six interviewing techniques teaches you how!

The program gives you a detailed manual and several interviews to model how it’s done.

A priceless tool to fast-track your success journey.
So How Does it All Work?
I only take on 6 to 8 coaching clients at a time.

That way I can offer quality time with each participant via interactive teleseminars.

Everyone is given exercises to complete prior to the teleseminars.

Again, you will interact fully on the calls.

You review and give feedback on what fellow students have done and they do the same for you.

Seeing others work and how they see your work broadens your perspective on the individual techniques taught.

By doing so you also broaden your ability to use the techniques.

This “By Contrast and Comparison” learning is invaluable.
You Will Be Fully Engaged In This Process…
Your Mind, Your Thoughts, The Entirety Of Your
Comprehension Will Be Intimately Involved.
This is a success secret…

Taking the new elements and “learning by doing” means they become deeply embedded.

It won’t be something you’re struggling to remember a week later.

So you get the full picture…
 Here’s What’s Covered In The Program… 
Week 1 
  • - How and why to use empathy as the foundation
  • - Build and create “The Compelling Story” so that the reader is fully engaged
  • - How and why to “abbreviate” your copy and especially the story
  • - The power of the right question at the right time… and the most powerful question to ask
Week 2
  • - How to differentiate yourself from other “Commodity Copywriters”
  • - Overview of the interview process including a sample live interview
Week 3 
  • - How and why to embed “Likeability” into the copy
  • - The key to being provocative and where it fits in the sales process
  • - The power of “The Compelling Story”, “Persona” and “Resonance”
  • - Where and why you should use “The Compelling Story”
  • - How and why you should use “Persona”
  • - How and why you should use “Resonance”
Week 4
  • - Why you should use “Real-life Tidbits” and how to weave them into your copy at the right moments
  • - The secret to FLOW in your copy including how and why to… “Just Feel It”
  • - No subheads – Body Copy Headlines only
  • - The mindset shift which ensures you’re constantly “looking for opportunities”
Week 5 
  • - Enhance your marketing mindset and make more money
  • - Unique techniques
  • - Indirect Persuasion™ – The MOST powerful individual element in this program
  • - 7 ways to make your copy “fast” — to help rivet the reader to every word
  • - How to eliminate “pause words” and “pause phrases” to increase the flow of your copy
  • - Putting readers into “The Buying Trance” with rhythm and cadence
  • - How to connect with your target audience using “Real-life Tidbits”
  • - The Power of Three and how it engrains benefits into the mind of your prospect
  • - How to keep the reader captivated from beginning to end
  • - How to use bullet points to improve resonance, connection and likeability
  • - Empathy, Sincerity, Authenticity and “Feeling”
Week 6 
  • - Finding the “Selling Concept” or “Big Idea” behind every winning promotion 
  • - Long copy exercise, review and critique
Week 7-10
  • - Mastering the unique techniques
  • - Reviewing, critiquing and polishing, your long copy exercise
Week 11
Step-By-Step I Reveal…
  • - Find, Secure, And Satisfy High-paying Clients
  • - How To Effectively Approach Clients
  • - The One Thing You Don’t Want To Say To Them
  • - How To “Lock Yourself In”
Week 12
  •  The Secret Six and Power of Intimate Interviews!!
“Compelling”, “comprehensive” and “career-changing” is how students describe the course. I’m sure you can see why…
Candice parsons
Warren black

In fact I know of no-where else all these elements are combined into one program.

Naturally, the techniques taught should be applied to all forms of marketing… offline, online, video sales letters, radio and TV scripts, emails… everything a copywriter is asked to produce.

Here’s A Ridiculous Question… 
 How Does This All Sound To You?
Career Changing… How About Life Changing?
Soon you’ll be selecting clients at will.
I’m talking about clients with not one, but multiple products they need copy for.

Clients who can keep you busy for months on end.

Clients who are happy to pay you great royalties. Clients who love you. Why?

You Have Figured Out The Art of Graceful Persuasion.
You’re Not Offering That Same, Hype-filled, Worn Out, Old Copy. 
And how do you feel about this…
We’ll Also Bring Out Your Own Persona.
We’ll Make You Shine.
We’ll Make It Abundantly Clear You Are The Only Copywriter
Your Prospective Clients Should Be Considering!

Your target client will be so happy…”to have found you”.

You’ll be the treasure they’ve been searching for.

Your perceived value to them will be incredible.

Let me say THAT again…
Your Perceived Value To Clients Will Be Incredibly High.
What does that mean for you… financial and personal freedom… that’s what.

What does financial and personal freedom mean for you, your family, your dream writer’s life?

You’re the one who can best answer that. What I know for sure is this…

You’ll graduate from the program with all the weapons necessary to really go and create the writer’s life you always wanted!

In fact…
From What I’ve Been Told,
This Is, Hands Down, The Best Return On
Investment A Copywriter Can Make! 
Here are the two choices open to you…

Option 1) Platinum Program – 12 week “learn by doing” tele-seminar program with direct participation and interaction on the calls. You will receive the exercises and course materials plus personally participate in the tele-seminars. I will be directly involved, helping you with your exercises.

Option 2) Gold Program – 12 week “learn by observing/doing” program. You receive all the course material and you are able to listen to the recordings of each tele-seminar. You don’t however, personally interact or participate. You have limited email access to me to discuss your exercises.

May I say that I have witnessed a third option.

Most copywriters, who really do become successful, end up spending way more money than I’m asking.

Typically, they experience several years of trial and error before they have the lifestyle they are after.

I sincerely hope that’s not the case for you.

I hope you choose the fast track.

Ready to go?
Let Me Make It Easy For You To Say Yes…
Contact me right now — enter your details below — and mention the name Haydn Rippon.

That way I’ll know you’ve read this whole letter and “get it”.

Just mention Haydn and I’ll share with you a simple way to save a full $1,000.00 off your coaching fees.

Additionally, I’ll do what I can to help you afford it… you can even make payments if necessary. (I reserve the right to cancel this offer at any time.)

When you send your email, let me know which option, Platinum or Gold, is the best fit for you. 
In order for you to get a sample, I’m now offering a 25 minute Copywriting Career Consultation valued at $197 but yours COMPLIMENTARY.

I guarantee this will be the best 25 minutes you’ll ever spend on your copywriting career.

How’s that for low-risk?

Simply enter your details below, include 3 best times to call and I’ll get back to you as soon as my schedule allows…

And you can expect me to over-deliver! The gold nuggets will be coming at you fast… you’ll want to be prepared.

Have a pen and paper ready and take the first step to creating a writing career that DOES pay.

Enter your details below, click the “Yes Steve…” button and I’ll be in touch:
Contact me right now — enter your details below — and mention the name Haydn Rippon.

That way I’ll know you’ve read this whole letter and “get it”.

Just mention Haydn and I’ll share with you a simple way to save a full $1,000.00 off your coaching fees.

Additionally, I’ll do what I can to help you afford it… you can even make payments if necessary. (I reserve the right to cancel this offer at any time.)

When you send your email, let me know which option, Platinum or Gold, is the best fit for you. 
Steve Plummer
Master Copywriter, Speaker, Copywriting Coach

PS: It’s never too late to make 6 figures as a copywriter! So get started right away by accepting a COMPLIMENTARY copywriting consultation NOW.

P.P.S. Remember, so you get the necessary individual attention places in each Coaching Course are limited to a maximum of 8. Typically there’s a waiting list and places fill on a first come-first served basis. You owe it to yourself to at least find out more. Enter your details below now.
"You’ll really know how to “speak” to your clients”
“Steve is a great teacher… he is caring, genuine and passionate about helping people learn copywriting. 

I’m grateful for learning the secrets to copywriting from Steve. I now have more confidence with my writing, I can critique other writing and I have started writing for other people.

Before doing 7 Figure Writers I wasn’t a copywriter. I wouldn’t have been able to take on a paid repeat copywriting client. Now I have!! I couldn’t have done it without Steve! Thank you.

Steve teaches from the heart. He is generous and really cares about everyone’s results. His teaching method is excellent, although challenging… I was warned it would be! I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand copywriting, and more importantly to really know how to “speak” to your clients. Thank you Steve! That was awesome!” Irene Scott - Engineer, Business Advisor, Business Owner, Copywriter, Speaker - Sydney, NSW
"A mind-altering experience! “
"The 7 Figure Copywriters programme is a mind altering experience!  I can never look at a piece of copy the same way again.

Most importantly I  now recognise what good copy is and how I can achieve it in my own communications. I have already been able to use what I have learnt to generate real revenue for my clients and myself. 

The course was intensive and effective with each session building on the previous ones.  Steve is a copy ‘Master Craftsman’ and his commitment to not only helping us develop our technique but to continually keep learning himself is amazing. 

This programme is a must do for anyone who wants to communicate effectively with their customers and prospects.” Azim Sahu-Khan, Managing Director - Business Performance Tuning .
" Improved my writing 10 fold! “
"Being a lover of writing I thought I 'knew how to write' so I was looking forward to learning some new skills. 

I soon learnt some powerful tools, methods and philosophies which have improved my writing ten fold. I now get a much higher response from simple things like Facebook and blog posts. Which is a big part of my business. 

However the biggest take away is the ability to elicit an emotional response from my customer to inspire them to buy my product and services.  My writing has now transformed, it is still 'my style' but much more purposeful and strategic on how it lands on my reader... 

Yes - so they buy. Thanks Steve -- I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to make great money as a writer or grow their business. I believe the ability to write captivating copy is the most important skill an entrepreneur should have in their tool belt.” - Clint Morgan, Marketer
Copy secrets only the top earning world class copywriters ùse
“Steve Plummer’s 7 Figure Writers intensive Copywriting Course is the most comprehensive writing training you will do.

None of us master our skills overnight. It takes years of strategic planning...hard work and persistence to achieve any success.

If you want the edge over your competitors in any market. You must know the selling secrets of your market. You need to understand their emotions. What makes them Think. What makes them Buy.

If you’re hungry for change in your business, looking for the edge over your competitor or desiring to master the art of word crafting that sells, this course is for you.

I have learnt so much from this course. 

Things Like...  

*The importance of creating a copywriting road map. 
*Knowing my destination or end result.
*Choosing words that flow.

Plus many more copy secrets only the top earning world class copywriters ùse. 

Steve Plummer is the Master Wordsmith. You wont find a more inspiring coach. Steves teaching is thought provoking, revealing and transparent. If you choose to accept this mission, you will travel deep into the belly of the copywriting beast. Then return with a foundational skillset for life. You Won’t Regret It.” - Steve Strange, CEO of Roofing Matters and Bronze Executive Distributor, ASEA Global    
In order for you to get a sample, I’m now offering a 25 minute Copywriting Career Consultation valued at $197 but yours COMPLIMENTARY.

I guarantee this will be the best 25 minutes you’ll ever spend on your copywriting career.

How’s that for low-risk?

Simply enter your details below, include 3 best times to call and I’ll get back to you as soon as my schedule allows…

And you can expect me to over-deliver! The gold nuggets will be coming at you fast… you’ll want to be prepared.

Have a pen and paper ready and take the first step to creating a writing career that DOES pay.

Enter your details below, click the “Yes Steve…” button and I’ll be in touch:
In order for you to get a sample, I’m now offering a 25 minute Copywriting Career Consultation valued at $197 but yours COMPLIMENTARY.

I guarantee this will be the best 25 minutes you’ll ever spend on your copywriting career.

How’s that for low-risk?

Simply enter your details below, include 3 best times to call and I’ll get back to you as soon as my schedule allows…

And you can expect me to over-deliver! The gold nuggets will be coming at you fast… you’ll want to be prepared.

Have a pen and paper ready and take the first step to creating a writing career that DOES pay.

Enter your details below, click the “Yes Steve…” button and I’ll be in touch:
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